Eloise Sweetman

ELOISE SWEETMAN (b. 1985, AU) is a curator, writer, and teacher. She investigates systems and degrees of exchange, resulting in exhibitions, publications, and talk-based programs. She collaborates with artists, philosophers, political/cultural theorists, poets, architects and psychologists. During her residence at the Jan van Eyck, Eloise developed Roll on, Roll on, Phenomena, which investigates “not knowing” as something that goes beyond saying “I don’t know” and is an entwined act of vulnerability and responsibility. As a discursive exhibition programme, the artworks, artists, readings, talks, and audiences act in consort, intersecting, breaking apart and reconfiguring into an iterative and continuous becoming of the world. Recent projects and collaborations have been with Political Arts Initiative, School of Missing Studies, Stedelijk Museum, De Appel, VER Bangkok, and Piet Zwart Institute. Eloise holds an MA in Arts Management from HKU, Utrecht, and a MFA from the School of Missing Studies, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam.